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Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

There is no denying the amount of stress and costs that come with going through a divorce. However, as a parent, it is not possible to work with fewer resources for the custody dispute. Some people choose to go DIY, especially when the divorce process has been peaceful and the spouses have maintained an amicable relationship. The question now arises. When do you need a child custody lawyer?

Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Below are a few of the signs that point out the requirement for an attorney to come onboard and help you out with the custodial battle.

1. Your child’s other parent has hired a legal representative.

It is time to be legally represented as well. You cannot fight a sword with your hand. You do not have the same amount of knowledge about custody laws nor do you have the skills in legal negotiations. You also do not know the standard procedures in court and might end up getting penalized for disrespect or other similar unfortunate situations.

2. Your ex-spouse has changed their attitude.

The divorce might have taken place without much problem because the terms are agreeable for the parties concerned. This does not always ensure a flawless custodial agreement though. Without proper court order on the custody and visitation arrangements, both parents have the same level of possession over the child. Due to the absence of legal protection, any of the parents have the chance to keep the child away from their ex-spouse.

3. There is a chance of moving to another place.

Whether it is you or your ex-partner who is planning to relocate, it is best to have legal advice present. There are a lot of details and specifications in the custody laws of a state. It gets even more complicated when you have to deal with multiple states and their varied legislation. Having a child custody lawyer by your side will make the whole process easier, less stressful, and more beneficial for you and especially for your child.

Need the Expertise of a Child Custody Lawyer?

If you want a short answer to the question of when you need a child custody lawyer, the best and direct answer is always. Once the divorce proceedings have been finalized, you should prioritize consulting with an attorney about the next legal battle that you have to face as a part of being a parent. Hiring a good legal practitioner is the first wise step to help you gain proper custody of your child. If you are looking for someone to fight the battle with you, get in touch with us at Pollack and Pollack Law now!


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