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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Traffic Ticket?

If you have been issued a traffic ticket and are unsure as to whether or not you need the assistance of an attorney, we will begin by providing you with the response that it appears the majority of attorneys provide to the majority of legal questions: it depends. When it comes to your traffic ticket, whether or not you need the assistance of an attorney depends on a number of different circumstances. Naturally, there are situations in which it does not make sense to incur the costs of engaging an attorney in order to contest the ticket. In these instances, you should not do so. On the other hand, there are certain scenarios in which having legal representation on your side is the best course of action to take.

The Fees That Come Along With Getting a Traffic Ticket

Hiring a traffic lawyer to assist you in fighting your ticket will, of course, come at a financial cost. You must weigh the potential repercussions of obtaining a traffic citation against the anticipated expense of hiring a counsel to represent you in court. You will incur two main expenditures as a result of this situation:

  • The amount required to pay the fine

  • The points that might be added to your driver's license

If you have been accused of committing a significant traffic crime, the price of the fine alone may make it worthwhile to retain legal representation. When your case is presented by an experienced attorney, the judge at the traffic court may be more inclined to take it seriously. If you contest the ticket in court, the judge may even lessen the amount of the fine they decide to impose on you.

Your ability to drive as well as your insurance premiums may be affected by points

Because of a variety of factors, the points provide an even more significant cause for worry. The first potential consequence is that it can make it harder for you to keep your driver's license. If the crime that you have been charged with has many points, you will have the possibility of losing your license in the future hanging over your head if you are pulled over again, especially if the offense carries multiple points.

In the state of Wisconsin, receiving a speeding penalty may result in the addition of three points to your driver's license. Six points will be added to your driving record if you are found guilty of driving more than 20 miles per hour above the speed limit. If you accumulate 12 points within a period of one year, you run the risk of having your driver's license suspended. Defending yourself against citations with the help of an attorney is one approach to attempt to prevent or minimize the points that may be added to your driving record. This power belongs to the judge of the traffic court.

The accumulation of points on your driver's license may also result in an increase in the cost of your automobile insurance. Any conviction for a moving violation may be reported to your auto insurance company, which may lead to an increase in your premiums. Therefore, the effect of a fine could be amplified by the influence that it has on the rates that your insurance company charges you. Even what may seem like a minor traffic violation might end up costing you hundreds of additional dollars by the time you finish paying for your auto insurance.

If your record as a driver is such that you receive a lot of tickets, you should acquire legal representation every time you are charged with a moving violation. Again, if you are found guilty of a sufficient number of offenses, you run the risk of having your driver's license revoked. You are going to require the assistance of a lawyer to challenge the points.

Legal Representation Is Beneficial for Commercial Drivers

Additionally, commercial truck drivers need the assistance of traffic lawyers to defend their rights. The operation of a motor vehicle provides these drivers with their primary means of subsistence. Should they lose this, they will no longer be able to support themselves financially. In the state of Wisconsin, commercial drivers who commit specific traffic offenses face harsher penalties. In addition to this, a poor driving record may make it difficult for a truck driver to get new employment and perhaps lose them their current job. Because of the higher level of caution that is expected of business drivers, the laws of certain states impose harsher penalties for some traffic violations committed by commercial drivers than those that are applicable to normal drivers.

Judges in traffic court may listen to an attorney more

It is to your advantage to bring a lawyer with you to the traffic court hearing so that they may present your case to the magistrate. Let's face it. Because they hear people's tales on a daily basis in traffic court, many judges have become cynical. Some of them are rather imaginative and fanciful in nature. They could be a bit more likely to pay attention to the advice of an attorney who appears often in their court and has established themselves as a credible party throughout the course of their career. If there is any possibility that your driving record will be affected in any way, it is imperative that your side of the story be heard. Hiring an attorney will increase the likelihood that your case will be treated seriously. If your case goes to trial, having a lawyer provide your side of the story may lend greater credence to what you have to say.

There are legal strategies that may be used to defend oneself in a traffic case. It is quite unlikely that a court would be persuaded by your claim that you were unaware of how fast you were travelling or that you were unaware that you were required to stop even across the street from a school bus. Due to their years of experience working in this setting, traffic attorneys are aware of the arguments that have a higher chance of convincing a court to listen to them. Common explanations are not guaranteed to get a judge's attention and make them sit up and take notice.

If the possibility of negotiation exists, legal representation might be used

If you have been charged with a major driving infraction, there is a possibility that the charges against you might be negotiated down. You may still have the opportunity to negotiate a reduction in the penalties that are linked to your ticket, even in the absence of a criminal accusation. Because they are familiar with the process and know how to act in court, attorneys are in a far better position to represent their clients in traffic court. They could even detect a window of opportunity for some kind of arrangement that might result in reduced fines for you.

It is possible that there are certain scenarios in which it would not be required to retain the services of an attorney. However, if the repercussions are significant in any way, it is prudent to retain the services of a seasoned attorney who is familiar with the procedures of the traffic court. If you don't pay, your future ability to drive and your financial stability might be at risk.


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